INVITED SPEAKERS / Elif Bahar Tuna İnce

Elif Bahar Tuna İnce
Prof. E. Bahar Tuna Ince graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1999 and then started her doctoral education at Department of Pedodontics in the same university. In 2006, she completed her Ph.D. and got Med. Dent title. She has been studied as a visiting researcher at the Indiana University School of Dentistry Dental Materials Division, Indiana, USA. She worked as a "postdoctoral researcher" at Nihon University, Tokyo, School of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry in Tokyo, Japan, and at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Department of Oral Bacteriology during 2008-2010. She received the title of “Professor" in 2018 and is currently working as a faculty member in the same department. Prof. E. Bahar Tuna Ince has more than 100 articles published in national and international journals, 3 book chapters, and more than 100 presentations in national and international congress. She continues to serve as a referee in national and international journals. Scientific interests include dental trauma and replantation, craniofacial syndromes and genetic, dental anxiety and dental biomaterials. She is the member of International Association of Dental Research, European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, International Association of Dental Traumatology and Turkish Society of Pediatric Dentistry. He is a committee member at the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and a treasurer at the Turkish Society of Pediatric Dentistry.